(b. 1995) is a self-taught, Chinese-American artist and muralist with a preferred media of acrylic, based in Los Angeles. She is an expat at heart with a cultured background. Born in the United States and raised in multiple cities like Singapore, Houston, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. 
Conrad’s art is her own; a linear, phantasmic world that she has created from her mind and experiences. As Conrad’s dad always told her growing up, “to thine own self be true.” Each piece is her identity. If you look closely, you’ll see it…dot dot dot. She just lets herself go. She sits in front of the canvas or 20ft wall and just runs with it. Conrad likes to call it the “fuck it feeling” or in less vulgar terms, freedom. Unsymmetrical forms, chaotic streaks, and vibrant hues that allow Conrad to express her reality and perspective of the imperfect beautiful world. Bright and loud, yet poised and intentional.