(b. 1988, Toronto, ON)

“My process begins with sourcing images from both my own personal collection of photographs, as well as images I gather on the internet. The process of gathering images relies heavily on intuition and the process happens very quickly, drawing inspiration from the surrealist approach of automation. They are built into a collage of fragments to create a new composition; creating something that did not previously exist out of already existing parts. This new human form becomes a representation of the dysmorphia and anxiety resulting from the Western ideals that are continuously force-fed to us through the media and our increasing reliance on the internet and social media as a way of experiencing our world. The process of fragmenting the body in such a way is a paradox in itself, as I am simultaneously pulling something apart while building something new. By turning the image into an oil painting from the digital collage it becomes a rejection of technology, and of the digital worlds we inhabit.”

Melanie Keay graduated with a BFA from OCAD University in 2017.