Liam Fox

(b. 1993, Sag Harbor, NY)

Liam Fox comes from the water. He's as compelled to canvas as he is the ocean.

"It kind of blacks me out...when I'm working I don't think of anything else in the world."

His paintings and drawings embody the water's raw chaos and deep calm, with the intensity of organic colors mimicking nature. Using elements ranging from dreamlike shapes to lucid self-portraits, his work evolves through his travels between both American coasts, calling home to each. In his current element and rapidly emerging career, he's everywhere and nowhere, and maybe nowhere is the place to be.

Fox relishes in the impact of his grandfather, William King (sculptor) and his grandmother, Connie Fox (painter). His eclectic childhood experiences in their studios nourished his "artistic intelligence, a form of AI paramount to talent.”