There are three cohesive areas to my practice: idea creation, working in collaboration with art production assistants, and performance. Within this dual role as artist and director, I found that the ability to formulate ideas and execute them is not limited to socially-constructed ideas of disability. I am in physical transition, and thus, wanted to create art that hovers within the realms of sculpture, photography, and installation. I ambiguate the idea of the image, by turning prints into 3D sculptural objects. This forms a new language between the image, object-hood and architecture it creates and inhabits as an installation. At this point of exploration, I use the pliability of a print to accentuate the forms within the photograph. I choose images that deal with identity, disability, physical access, and persona. Using vinyl, large format printing, fabric printing, and collage, I take over spaces to confront my new reality. While also confronting the intersection of feminist ideals that are formed by my identity as a disabled, queer, latinx, poc, living in the Southern California landscape. Where I use performance art to confront inaccessible art spaces in Los Angeles by documenting my body sitting outside for an entire art opening.

Romine graduated with an MFA from CalArts in 2017.