Super Future Kid

(b. 1981, East Germany) graduated from KHB Academy of Art Berlin. She has previously exhibited at Hiromart Gallery (Tokyo), Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles), Christoffer Egelund Gallery (Copenhagen) and Galerie Holger John (Dresden), amongst others. Residencies include the Hyatt Residency in London, Lucky Gallery Residency in New York City, and Shop Stop Residency in Maastricht, NL. Super Future Kid currently lives and works in London.

Super Future Kid is deeply fascinated with the perception and perspective on the world from the view of an adolescent mind, and particularly in ideas of the mysteries and strangeness associated with being grown up. Those ideas include the realms of character identity, curious behavior and spirituality as well as games and playfulness; the idea of the freedom of the youthful spirit itself.

Recent Press